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Winry Moments Cut From Episode 37


Okay there are couple nonspoilery things this episode cut from the corresponding chapter of the manga that are GREAT WINRY MOMENTS I ADORE so I’m just gonna post em. 

I’m really sad they cut out this exchange because I really love this line in the last panel. 


I love that Al takes the time to apologize, and I love Winry’s response. It’s just so beautiful and so Winry. Winry values what she has over what she’s lost. She’ll do anything to keep the people she loves safe, and she’s moving forward regardless of the pain she carries in the past. She can’t fix the past, so she does what’s best to help people in the here and now.


again I love Winry so much she is such a bamf 

I love how she uses the way men will underestimate her against them. I love that she uses their expectations to manipulate them, pretending to be all fragile and overcome with tender tears to get what she wants and then cackling to herself at their stupidity. They think she’s some delicate hostage that they can use to manipulate Ed and Al, and she uses that to manipulate THEM and get her own back. Fearlessly. SUBVERTING THE EXPECTATIONS OF THE PATRIARCHY. And Ed continues to just help her with this plan and back her up, sweatdropping at how easily she can play everyone. He knows better than to tell her to stop, he knows she has this right and knows what she’s doing. 

Anonymous asked: Hello, it's the anon asking about the suit guy again~ Actually what the last person said wasn't entirely true; I went through the manga trying to find him (I own almost the entire series) and found him throughout the entire series, with the last appearance being in a cafe in the final chapter. And, and and and, this is the killer: THERE WERE TWO OF THEM. AT THE SAME TABLE. What even. (He was also once shown with a kid looking just like him, in East City train station.)

fennitix asked: I actually know who they're referring to! According to the FMA manual, there's a man with a buzzcut hairstyle in a white suit who's always on the same train with Ed and Al, if not, then at the same platform. He was just put there as a little consistency joke like how you'd find aliens in south park in the background or the snail in adventure time. He was only seen in the first five volumes.

Thank you :D!!

Here you go anon,

Anonymous asked: Hello! I just found your blog recently, it's great to see so much love for the manga. <3 I was wondering, do you know anything about the mystery man in the white suit (Not Kimblee)? He was mentioned in the original profiles book, at least in the version I have, yet it seems like I'm the only one who knows he exists. What do you think of it?

Hi anon!

I tried to look it up but I’m sorry to say I don’t know the answer to your question (I’ve only read bits and pieces about the manga profile books online as I don’t own them). Is there anyone here who knows this? 

imagine an Ed cosplayer at a convention randomly pointing towards a Winry cosplayer he/she finds cute and shouting: “EQUIVALENT EXCHANGE! You give me your phone number and I’ll give you mine!!”

that’d be the best love story in fandom history tbh

Happy Valentine’s day everyone! Hope you all can find your Winry to your Edward <3 (or vice versa)!

WHYYYY was this rejected this should be canon wat

WHYYYY was this rejected this should be canon wat

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—Chapter 38That’s Roy Mustang for you.

I lied.

—Chapter 38
That’s Roy Mustang for you.

I lied.

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